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5 reasons why Camosun is best for you.


Second Home (yes, you heard it right).

“Home is where our heart is,” goes the famous saying. In the last six months, I have started to believe that fact. I am far away from my country, but the international office, other students, and the instructors of Camosun never have given me a feeling that I am alone in this country. The pleasant and welcoming nature of the local people here is extremely amazing…Ummm, in love with them.

Access to every other department, student services and basically everything.

Having done my most part of the university education back in my home country, I have had experienced  how the students interact with departments, make an enquiry, request for service, and be part of the committee or even help the management for a better environment. Its tedious and time consuming. You plan it for a day and it take you around one or more weeks to get the task done back in our country.  I will tell you, here, it is entirely different. I will go on and tell you, there is not even a requirement for student society or any elections at Camosun. Yes, indeed it is a proud moment for Camosun that all departments and management team is easily accessible by the students and we can get our voice reach them in no time.

Students can be a part of international team like ambassador program, peer connection to name a few. There are immense opportunity for students to meet people and do voice their opinion. Like in, ambassador program, team organizes the orientation, campus tour and information session for international students and external groups. Students also have a say on implementing new services available to international students, how the student booklet should look like and the list goes on.

We have counseling centers opened up in both campuses and students can book an appointment to meet the counselors and make use of the service.

Student service society can be contacted regarding academic as well as extra curricular activities in and around campus and there are also various clubs that students can be part of or even create one from scratch.

International office, COOP office, advisory committee, all are ready to help and answer our queries.

Pretty, systematic, right?

Small Classes

Universities generally have 100 – 200 students in each class, whereas at Camosun, guess what the maximum number is? 35!!!!

Amazing instructors, you could meet some decent, awesome instructors of the world. I would define them as just “Class”. Always ready to help in every possible way and I bet they know you by your name.

Affordable price and flexible learning– Ask any international student in Victoria, and there is only one answer to the most economical, quality education provider and that is Camosun! Woooohooo!!! There are many universities in BC which offer courses for international students, but again it comes with high price. But who doesn’t want to save some bucks and that too if you are getting a better degree/diploma certificate??

Camosun offers flexible learning around your schedule and at your own pace so that it takes off pressure from students. Upon talking to some other students from other universities of colleges in and around Victoria, I found that not much universities offer what Camosun does.  We are lucky, to be sure.

Lastly, you are sure to get a feeling that here, all are with you. Camosun is on the rise, with you.

Indeed Camosun is with you.

Thank You Camosun! J

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