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Create impactful social media posts for your brand with these perfect 5 techniques

Updated: Mar 1

Importance of visuals on social media.

Brands use social media to gain attention, to deliver information and to increase engagement. Whatever be the goal, you need to create a visual Identity for the brand when it comes to media. Human brain tends to process visuals faster. Thats why they say “a picture speaks louder than thousand words”.

Editing pictures to create a better visual impact.

Visuals are the OGs of content marketing. When it comes to images, authentic ones together with right content can give you a great engagement on social media. Using raw/authentic pictures calls for editing to create a better visual impact for the audience.

Googling the best tools.

Looking for tools which are free, easy and has great features is super tedious. Marketers and graphic designers look for a set of features for a particular image and only realize it won’t be a perfect fit, once they really start using it. We often spend a lot of time searching for the best tool than actually learning a tool.

Now, here comes Adobe Lightroom (Lr) for photo editing.

Sahil Singh, a photo editing whiz based in Delhi, India, talks about why Adobe lightroom (Lr) is his personal go to when it comes to photo editing.

“It is free, available in iOS/Android, has color and light editing. Even premium features like white balance, textures, clarity, dehaze are available in free version. Furthermore, Lr has image sharpen, noise reduction and presets features too in the free version”, says Sahil.

To know more about Lr and various nuances of photo editing, follow Sahil’s Instagram page, @knowledgekicks.

“I challenge you to take up Lr learning and complete it in 2 mins. It won’t take longer than that. It’s that easy!”, he added.

Say 'Nay' to stock images.

Stock images literally comes with a lot of baggage. Most of the stock image platforms are not free. And even if it is free, the images are redundant. I have seen a lot of similar stock images on internet for different brands. Trust me, that ain’t a pretty picture for the brand, literally.

What best for your brand is to use an original picture that you took with your DSLR or your phone camera. Plus, trust these amazing photo editing softwares out there, like Lightroom to create the best version of your picture. Do the edit and use it on social media.

The result, an authentic and impactful picture that reinforces your brand identity.

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