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Improve your content in 3 simple steps as explained by Brian Dean

Is it ever occurred to you that you clicked on an interesting link and then quickly closed it because you couldn’t find that relevant piece out of the whole chunk?

Or have you ever wondered how complex of complex theories are explained in the most interesting and simplest way?

Who hasn’t right?

So let’s stop wondering and practice these simple steps to make your content look sexier.

In this article , I present to you 3 simple steps to improve your content as explained by Brian Dean , the SEO genius and man behind “backlinko.com”.

Here it goes…

1.Bucket Brigade

Frequent “One liners” or a rhetorical question could be used in the article to instil interest among the readers.

Examples could be , “Do you agree…?” , “Have you ever thought…?”


Sub-headings can add value to the content. Sub-headings act as an index that helps the readers to pinpoint different sections.

Instead of scrolling through content irrelevant to them, they can easily traverse directly to the stuff that matters to them.

3.APP formula

It is Agree, Promise and Preview.

Before you start the content, empathize with the readers. Talk about something which everyone agrees and pop it as a closed-ended question.

Once the writer and the reader agrees on to a point, define the article’s goal. Promise him that the goal will be achieved.

Finally, when the promise has been made, start the content with the preview, i.e. how the goal is going to be achieved and what is the process.

The transition should be smooth and should flow like a river.

Isn’t this simple, folks?

Lately, I have been employing these steps in my writing and I must say my content quality has improved, considerably.

Good luck and have fun writing!!

Dean, Brian (Youtube, 2016),The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2019 (and beyond). Retrieved from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyiikzjg9a0 

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