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The Chilton Story

The story of PASSION- the one thing that makes the difference.


Chilton (the name coined by the two most relevant words in refrigeration industry- “Chill” and “Tonnage”) is a B2B enterprise for all process cooling solutions. Founded in September 1984, they are the pioneers in manufacturing and supplying Industrial process chillers and deep freezers across India.

Chilton is now the most sought after brand for its niche product expertise and technology-driven solutions. All the credit goes to Mr P G Chil Prakash for his deep knowledge about the product and expertise in the refrigeration field that is driving the organization to such greater heights. Being an engineer with a huge degree of practical knowledge that he garnered while restoring air conditioners and refrigerators real time has given him a lot of experience in the field. There had been even an instance where he had cut open a compressor manually, replaced the parts and reassembled it within no time. Most mechanics during those years can’t even think of that. His passion towards the refrigeration field prompted him to start his own venture and that paved way for the birth of Chilton.

Initially, it was started as a trading firm for refrigeration spare parts. Soon after its inception, the company gained a lot of popularity in Kerala where mechanics would approach the company with its refrigeration problems and for swift solutions. In some cases, the company used to take a step ahead in providing solutions by consulting its principle counterparts; thereby underlining the concept of “Coexistence” in the industry.

In 1986, Chilton ventured into another area of business that deals with assembling and fabricating heat metal parts for deep freezers. A year after that, as a part of indigenization, Chilton manufactured panel air conditioners for HMT (Hindustan Machine Tools Limited) and thus became the first company to develop the product with Indian components. Even today, Chilton is a consistent supplier of oil chillers for HMT (Hindustan Machine Tools Limited). In 1992, Chilton Refrigeration officially became a private limited company.

Soon after the establishment of the factory in Edayar Industrial Estate, the company has initiated many R&Ds in refrigeration. One such offering of our R&D is “Eutectic deep freezers”. The reason behind this specific R&D was the frequent power failure that affects the quality of ice cream in manufacturing and storage units. These freezers can maintain the ambient temperature for 32 hours straight even during power failure. Due to govt. strategy with respect to excise and sales duty, large scale manufacturing went difficult for a privately owned MSME. Local assemblers took this scenario as an opportunity and started manufacturing the same on large scale.

One of the other important R&D offerings was Bed AC. With Bed AC, the cooling can be confined to the area where it is required the most. Comfortable cooling has been made possible with lower cost compared to the Normal AC. This product finds application in hospitals and is used for bed-ridden patients.

In 1999, Chilton was approached by a Japanese multinational for the design and manufacturing of blood bag refrigerator (BBR), -40 Ultra deep freezer and -80 Ultra deep freezer. In the same year, the company acquired the contract from the multinational and is still catering to their requirements. According to Chilton’s recent service statistics, the complaint ratio is 0.001 for BBR.

Chilton’s  mission is to penetrate into different markets, especially niche market and solve the refrigeration challenges. While forecasting growth and scope of the process cooling in varied application and capacities, Chilton gave emphasis on Industrial process chillers. The company manufacture and deliver different types of chiller (Air, Water, Oil, Glycol, Soda, and Brine), in different capacities. They cater to different applications and industries like Marine, Food processing, Plastic, Chemicals, CNC, Concrete mixing, Paper and many more.

Chilton’s process chillers are one of a kind with its quality and they are the first and the only company to manufacture chillers with PFAS (Predictive Fault Alert system) that alerts you before the failure so that it can considerably lower the maintenance or production downtime. Chilton has developed an in-house heat exchanger that can guarantee you a 20% energy savings compared to any other heat exchanger. “Its high time that you look past the capital expense and consider the operating expense instead.  Our innovations are in such a way that your operating and maintenance expense remains considerably low as compared to our competitors in the market.” , says Vivek Chil Prakash, the CEO of the company who is right now managing the Ahmedabad facility. The service team is headed by Mr Jayan Menon who possess a strong technical skill in the field, promises you the best service that is available in the market.

Furthermore, Chilton visions to build a community where innovative ideas and products flourish and are readily available to customers.

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